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  • 10 000 TOURS
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    Nous serons pour la 1ere au Castellet pour LES DIX MILLE TOURS  DU 18 au 20 OCTOBRE 2019

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  • Edd China Aviator boots
    Edd China Aviator boots
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    The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge is one of the world's greatest - and toughest - rallies for classic and vintage automobiles. Held every three years and following the route of the original race in 1907, it takes in some of the most difficult terrain on earth - the Gobi Desert, Mongolia, the Siberian steppes, some 8600 miles in all, from the starting line at the Great Wall of China to the finish at the Place Vendome, in Paris.

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  • Old Glory Thigh boots
    Old Glory Thigh boots
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    As custom bootmakers we get a lot of colourful requests from our clients but none more colourful or more fun to design than the pair of Old Glory Thighboots...

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  • Elephant Rally
    Elephant Rally
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    When one of our longstanding customers, an ardent motorcyclist, approached us recently and asked if we could make him a special pair of boots...

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