Welcome to the Fashion page at Jean Gaborit. Here you’ll find our collection of tall fashion boots in knee, over-the-knee and thigh-high styles.

We have a long and colourful history in the fashion world, dating back to 1962 when we released our famed Copacabana Collection as a counterpoint to the mood of austerity that had settled over France in the wake of the Algerian war. With plenty of colour and avant guard designs, the new collection was an immediate hit, splashing on the covers of fashion magazines and helping usher in the Swinging Sixties in Paris.

It was the age of the mini-skirt and as hem lines rose throughout the decade, so did boots. By the dawn of the 1970s we began making our first thigh boots, a style for which we were quickly to become renowned. Forty-five years later, we still are.

As ever all of our boots are custom made, to your measurements, here at our workshop in France, using the finest leathers and painstaking craftsmanship that is seldom met with in the fashion boot world these days.  With the wide selection of colours, leathers, shapes and styles we offer, and our willingness as a bespoke bootmaker to discuss your needs and make just what you want, we feel certain you’ll find your dream pair of high fashion boots right here.


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