The Roaring Twenties was a golden age of travel, when the world was wide and the going was good and a globetrotter’s luggage was likely to be plastered with the art nouveau labels of grand hotels. It’s an era we love. And we know that many of the buyers of our classic motoring boots love it as well, dressing up in period clothes for classic car rallies, Sunday drives and recreations of great motoring expeditions of the past.
Here you’ll find our collection of beautifully tailored and faithfully styled clothing and accessories to accompany those boots and bring this era to life. You’ll find bespoke motoring coats cut out of the finest Scottish tweeds, and the water-repellent Ulster for the days when the weather turns foul, and authentic sheepskin-lined leather flying jackets as worn by the era’s dashing aviators who were out setting altitude records in freezing open cockpit planes.
We’ve a range of classic driving gloves cut from the finest Pittards leather, and hard-to-find motoring gauntlets that were de rigueur with motorcyclists and the drivers of open-topped tourers back in the day. And for those weekends away, exquisite leather travel bags made in Florence, in partnership with old and trusted friends of ours. As with our boots, all of our clothing and accessories are made with only the best materials and a century of craftsmanship, and in the case of our motoring coats and flying jackets, cut to your measurements.



  • Off the peg

    Our collection covers a wide range of styles superbly designed adapted to your lifestyle requirements.

    So if you are driving, riding, flying, shooting or just walking the dog, you will find a quality garment to suit!

  • Bespoke - Custom made to measure

    Here you will find several of our bespoke-custom made to measure styles,they can all be made in all sizes and many colours
    please contact us for further details

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